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recycling paper bins

Need help finding the perfect solution to your shredding needs? Let us help you decide on which security console will best suit your needs.

The 240L and 360L Secure Collection Cart offer a slender, office-friendly design for secure document collections offering up to 350 lbs of paper holding capacity. The Lockjaw ® internal locking system secures the lid to the container to prevent tampering and the removal of sensitive documents. It is ideal for use in plant-based shredders and is compatible with universal & euro lifters

The Shredinator is designed to fit in tight spaces, such as beside a desk or under a counter. It holds 60 lbs of paper and there is no bag required for easy collection. The completely removable lid is lockable and secure and multiple units can use the same key for easy collection purposes

The DuraFlex console is designed with ultra strong poly components that reinforce all the points where traditional consoles fail. The DuraFlex gives you the efficiency, durability and flexibility you need making it an asset to your company for many years

The 9 Gallon Personal Document Container (PDC) is designed to fit beside or under a desk to secure sensitive documents, at arms reach, right at the workstation. It has a holding capacity up to 30 lbs and is perfect for deskside solution.


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